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Rebecca Hargrove, KAIGO NYC

Rebecca Hargrove, KAIGO NYC

become a kaigo

All KAIGOs have at least two traits in common. Great Skill and Great Empathy.


Each KAIGO comes to us with at least one very refined skill in the areas of fitness, culinary arts, health and hospitality. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds including elite athletes, award-winning chefs, medics, nurses, former Navy SEALs and many others.


Each KAIGO possesses a deep level of empathy. They not only understand your pain, they feel your pain, and they’re committed to eliminating it.

In addition to these core traits, each KAIGO has a strong desire for self-improvement and a high aptitude for learning. Selected KAIGOs are put through a rigorous training program and emerge as well rounded, knowledgeable, service oriented professionals.

KAIGOs are freethinkers who have hopes and desires for a better world - a world that is not restrained by the customs and popular trends of the day. They’re individuals for whom the accepted norm is a challenge, not a boundary. All KAIGOs are certified with the highest degree of hospitality training.

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