3-Pronged Approach


3-Pronged approach

KAIGO achieves optimal results using a 3-pronged approach.


First, KAIGO works with you to assess your current state of health and establish a baseline.


After your initial interview, KAIGO gets to work with your team to construct a data-driven personalized health plan that combines multiple lifestyle and health concerns into one, actionable, seamless plan of action. Our plans rely heavily on long-term modifications to your lifestyle. In addition to medications, supplements, etc. that your medical team may recommend, we place equal emphasis upon formulating the best Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep plan. At KAIGO we believe that, in order to achieve great results, each plan must be seamlessly integrated, support must be as fun as possible.


KAIGO visits at least once a week to ensure that your physical activity, nutrition, sleep and other health and lifestyle goals are consistently met. Your environment is also checked and regulated to ensure the most optimal living conditions. Practical help is delivered with empathy, consideration and hospitality. We believe that an alert and loving physical presence goes a long way in ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks and that any obstacles that could deter you from attaining your goals are removed. KAIGO gets to know your preferences and habits over time and makes real-time adjustments to your plan as events occur in your personal life.